Fix orphan pages.

When pagination is causing errors or warnings in your crawler.

Fix orphan pages in Webflow with canonical links
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If you're trying to meet Google's pagination guidelines for SEO, we've got you covered.

Add our Canonicaliser to your site and set the canonical URL for your blog posts to include the page=2 query parameter.

No code. No scripts. No headaches.

Occasionally Webflow isn't as no code as you'd like. That's where we step in.

No code, forever
When you need more than Webflow offers, we're here to fill in the gap.
fluidSEO handles the complexities, keeping the no code promise.
Easy to use
"Does it go in the <head> tag, or before the <body>? "
Don't waste time searching forums for answers and debugging scripts.
Free to use
Get started in less than a minute.
Only pay for more advanced features.
Works with Static Pages too
Not just for CMS pages, fluidSEO also works on static pages.
If you have too many links to change them all, fluidSEO Link Manager will do it for you.

fluidSEO is Webflow native

There's no need to install a strange browser extension or hand over your login details. You can feel safe using fluidSEO.
Join 100s of users already streamlining their on page SEO with fluidSEO for Webflow.