Add Alt Text to all your Webflow site's images at once.

Let our AI give you a head start.
Manually edit each Alt Text to match your needs.

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We don't believe AI will take your job. We do believe it'll help you be better at it.

How it works
Instead of staring at an empty text box, get inspired and go from there.
  • Our AI generates Alt Text based on what's in the image.
  • Make edits where you want to refine the language.
  • Hit save.

Rank higher - do what the crawlers love

Alt Tags improve accessibility for screen readers and provide crawlers with more context for your site.

Not only that, but they improve SEO.

No more endless scrolling through your images to update Alt Text. Our tool allows you to edit Alt Text in bulk.
Generate Alt Text for hundreds of images in seconds.
Be an SEO superhero. Get more done in less time.
Easy to use
Don't let the lack of time or expertise in SEO stop you from optimizing your images.
fluidSEO automatically generates Alt Text for your images, ensuring they're accessible and optimized for search engines without the need for manual input.
Better together
You bring the SEO strategy and your brand voice.
We bring the endless inspiration.
It will never take your job, but it might just get you promoted.

Take the best of AI and the best of humans.

AI is no magic bullet, but as a collaborator it's pretty close.

Smart Alt Text boosts your SEO rankings with the easiest way to add Alt Text to images in Webflow.
  • Fix sites with lots of images quickly.
  • No time consuming one-by-one work.
  • Impress clients or your team with better results, faster than ever.
Your new favourite colleague

fluidSEO is Webflow native

There's no need to install a strange browser extension or hand over your login details. You can feel safe using fluidSEO.
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