What's New

May Update

Tom Elliot
June 14, 2024
What's New

Things keep on getting better in FluidSEO, let's check out what's new this month.

CMS Alt Text

Now you can add Alt Text to images stored in CMS items. Here's a little demo showing how it works:

New schema - Breadcrumbs!

We're continuing to expand the schema types that are supported in FluidSEO. Now you can easily add the Breadcrumb structured markup to your page. It even works on blogs or other CMS content!

Easier to use Smart SEO Boost

We've got a couple of quality of life improvements to make it easier to work with Smart SEO Boost.

We've added a search bar so you don't have to scroll through to try and find the page you're looking for - just type in part of either the page name or the slug!

Also if you have pages with similar or matching names, we're now showing the slug next to the page name to help you see which is which.